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The Eleventh Dimension



     "Every bad has a good; Every good has a bad.  We have to be prepared."
                                                                                              (Mother Celeste)     

      But, it's hard to see the bad when you are preoccupied with falling in love.

      It's hard to see...but it's there.    Lurking.

      Is it right around that corner?  Behind that shelf?  In back of that tree?  
      Is it as loud and explosive as a gunshot? 
      Or as soft as a bubble bursting in a bubble bath? 

      The face of evil--Is it handsome and smiling?
      Or does it have dark, red-rimmed eyes-staring and unrelenting?

      Does evil come up and grab you or drift creepily into your dreams?

      Amy Olson met the love of her life. But was everything as perfect as it seemed?

      Beth Rossini was only four years old when evil emerged.
      Will it ever leave her alone?

      Taken by force. Held against her will. Guarding her secrets.

      Who can she trust?


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